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    Slow City Island, Oedaldo Island Trip

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    Mokpo features a range of emerald-colored islands, including the crescent-shaped Kohado right in front of Yudalsan, along with Dalido and Yuldo, where the sea and sky shimmer like dazzling gems. Among these, Oedaldo retains its unspoiled natural beauty, truly fitting its nickname as a 'Slow City Island' a tranquil and beautiful island where even the wind takes a rest.


    Oedaldo, located in the western waters off Mokpo city, is a charming island facing Dalido across a narrow channel to the east. Named 'Oedaldo' meaning 'a lonely moon village' due to its solitary location it's also known in pure Korean as 'Bakdari Island', situated outside Dalido.


    It's believed that people have lived on Oedaldo since the Goryeo Dynasty, with the village forming more substantially when residents from the neighboring island of Dalido moved here in the 1700s.

    To reach Oedaldo, you depart from Mokpo Passenger Terminal and pass through Dalido, Jangjwado, and Yuldo, arriving in about an hour. The ferry between Mokpo Port and Oedaldo operates four times a day.


    The journey to Oedaldo by boat, cutting through the cool sea breeze, offers a panoramic view of Mokpo. The sight of seagulls following the boat, breaking white waves, adds a touch of romance to the voyage.


    Upon arriving at Oedaldo, the first sights are the clear sea, bright autumn sky, and the picturesque island.


    Oedaldo boasts pristine beaches and beautiful natural environments, having been selected by the Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs as one of the 'Top 30 Relaxing Islands in the Nation.'


    Upon entering Oedaldo, you'll notice an island map and direction signs. Despite being a small, isolated island, it features a beach, a seawater pool, and walking trails along the beach popular among families, couples, and friends, especially in summer.

    At the beginning of the village, several cozy guesthouses welcome visitors. The landscape of these guesthouses evokes nostalgia as if returning to an old hometown.


    Among them, the accommodation for this Oedaldo trip is a traditional Korean guesthouse (Hanok). Surrounded by mountains and sea, this tranquil hanok stay offers a peaceful retreat, where visitors can take a break from TVs and the internet, sitting in an old-fashioned pavilion, immersing themselves in the island's scenery and self-reflection.

    One of Oedaldo's highlights is the largest outdoor seawater pool in the country. The Oedaldo Seawater Pool, designed to enable swimming even at low tide, features children's pools, underwater playgrounds, adult pools, large pools, thrilling body sliders, and exotic beach huts, making it a perfect summer destination for all ages.

    Additionally, there's a beach opened in 1928. Selected by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security as a 'Desirable Island for Vacation' and by Korea Tourism Organization as one of the 'Top 20 Pristine Beaches in the Nation', it boasts clear blue waters, fine sandy beaches, and a picturesque view of a small island opposite.

    Around the beach area of Oedaldo Island, a scenic walking path along the beautiful coastline has been developed. This area is known as 'the most romantic spot on Oedaldo Island.'


    From the summit of Oedaldo, a decked path follows the stunning coastline, offering heart-stirring, expansive views of the open sea. As you walk, various photo zones catch your eye. The island's beautiful sunsets make it particularly popular among couples, earning it the nickname 'Island of Love'.

    It takes just over an hour to walk around the entire island. It's a perfect place for summer beach and pool fun, leisurely fishing, tidal flat experiences, and contemplative moments amidst beautiful scenery.


    As a 'Slow City', Oedaldo is peaceful and leisurely, making it a beloved destination all year round. It's highly recommended to enjoy a gift-like time on Oedaldo, the Island of Love, away from the noise and pollution of the city.

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    Mokpo Port.


    182 Haean-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do (Hangdong)

    Tourist Attractions

    Oedal Island, Slow City


    72, Oedaldo-gil, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do (Dal-dong)

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    Oedal-do Sea Water Pool


    72 Oedaldo-gil, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do (Daldong)

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    Oedaldo Beach.


    47-17 Oedaldo-gil, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do (Dal-dong)

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    Oedal-do Coastal Road


    Oedaldo-gil 72, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do (Dal-dong)

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