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    [Mokpo PICK] Peace Plaza

    Peace Plaza

    In Mokpo, there's a quintessential spot for citizens to relax and unwind, the Peace Plaza, situated alongside the sea and surrounded by a picturesque cafe district and a vast square.
     The plaza is enveloped by a 1.2 km long coastal road, creating a nature-friendly environment. It's a hub for various cultural spaces and outdoor stages, making it a popular haunt for Mokpo's youth.
    The area around Peace Plaza is dotted with numerous restaurants and accommodations.


    Originally named 'Migwan Square,' Peace Plaza was renamed in 2000 to commemorate the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Kim Dae-jung, the 15th President of South Korea and the first Nobel laureate from the country.


    The plaza, stretching alongside the sea, is a lively space where people of all ages can be seen enjoying activities like cycling and inline skating. A part of the square is decked with marble, adding to its charm. The area often attracts club members showing off their skating skills. It's not just a daytime spot; in the evening, many people stroll along the coastal line of the square, enjoying the serene river landscape from the slopes of the Yongsan River.

    The spacious square also hosts various photogenic spots like 'Love Gates,' and frequently serves as a venue for diverse performances and cultural events.
    During my visit, which coincided with the Mokpo National Sports Festival, I witnessed a vibrant scene of tourists and locals enjoying outdoor performances.
    The square, with its open view of the sea, offers an enchanting setting for enjoying performances on an autumn night.

    Along the plaza, you can find a variety of shops, from stress-busting batting cages to spaces for trampoline and darts.
    Street artists offering on-the-spot portraits add to the artistic vibe of Mokpo, a city known for its appreciation of art and style.
    The streets indeed reflect the romance aptly associated with this 'Port of Romance.'

    A highlight of Peace Plaza is the 'Dancing Sea Fountain,' which creates a magnificent spectacle with water, light, and music.
    This 150-meter-long fountain, boasting a maximum spray height of 70 meters, offers a mesmerizing show with music and impressive light displays on a waterscreen.
    Additionally, the Mokpo Maritime W Show, combining musicals with fireworks and the sea fountain, is held on a stage set up in front of the fountain.
    Special events, like story sharing and proposals, can be arranged through prior application on the website, offering a unique experience.


    Sadly, during my visit, the Dancing Sea Fountain was under maintenance, but it remains a top item on my wishlist for my next trip to Mokpo.

     Just sitting or strolling in Peace Plaza is delightful.
    With its beautiful scenery, entertainment, dining options, and fun activities, it's a perfect spot for families, friends, or couples.
     The area around the plaza also has plenty of accommodation options for tourists.


    A must-visit location for anyone traveling to Mokpo, Peace Plaza promises an immersive experience of the city, filled with moments of enjoyment and relaxation.

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