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    Braised Cutlassfish

    Mokpo declared itself as the 'Capital of Taste' for the first time in South Korea in 2019. Being the gateway where the West Sea and the Yeongsan River meet, Mokpo is home to a variety of fresh seafood caught from the clean West Sea and tidal flats. Mokpo's "9 Flavors" are known for their dishes made with local specialties including well-known octopus, skate, minnow, crab, cutlassfish, mullet, croaker, flatfish, and rockfish. Among them, let's embark on a journey to taste the Mokpo cutlassfish, which is especially delicious from late September to October!


    Rushing to visit 'Myeongin House', where you can taste two of Mokpo's 9 flavors including Braised Cutlassfish and Crab Salad, which are part of a Korean course meal. Mokpo's top restaurant selected by Mokpo City, a model restaurant, designated southern food restaurant, and even the Korea Restaurant Management Award! Various restaurant certification plaques decorating the entrance indicated that it was a great restaurant even before entering.

    Especially from late September to October, the cutlassfish caught in front of Mokpo, which is about to spawn, are full of flesh and oil due to active feeding, making their taste extraordinarily sweet and delicious. It's said to be so good that it's described as "October Mokpo cutlassfish is better than pork belly, and silver scales are more expensive than a bull".


    The table setting, which I was excited to see while thinking of eating seasonal food, was finally unveiled with the main dish of the day, Braised Cutlassfish! The rich color of the sauce that fills the pot overwhelms the sight even before tasting it. The sauce was well-absorbed into the cutlassfish, which melted in the mouth as soon as it was put in, and the dried radish boiled with plenty of sauce was a real delicacy.


    Mokpo is known for its 'cutlassfish', which is named after the dark color of its back caught with a net from deep depths. The cutlassfish, which has survived under high pressure in deep depths, has a firmer texture and a distinct savory taste. I've often heard of 'Mokpo cutlassfish' as it's so famous, but it was my first time tasting it in Mokpo during the most delicious season! The savory taste was so unique that it naturally made me think there's a reason why it's famous.

    Therefore, I decided to visit another cutlassfish restaurant in Mokpo to fully appreciate the taste of Mokpo's cutlassfish. This place also caught my eye from the entrance with its plaque as the top restaurant and model restaurant selected by Mokpo City. The expectation was even higher as it was introduced on a famous TV program introducing restaurants!


    The autumn seasonal cutlassfish caught in Mokpo is not only eaten raw as soon as it's caught, but also has its own taste when it's boiled with various vegetables and slightly grilled. So, I decided to taste both braised and grilled cutlassfish. The simple but appetizing side dishes, like homemade food prepared by mother, and above all, the phrase on the menu saying 'We use fish purchased from Mokpo Fisheries Cooperative's auction', also increased the trust!

    Finally, a table full of braised cutlassfish and grilled cutlassfish. (Mokpo restaurant where grilled mackerel is served as a side dish..!) Boiled radish, potatoes, and seasonal radish with hearty soup! Thanks to the fresh Mokpo cutlassfish and vegetables, the spicy yet sweet taste of braised cutlassfish seemed to dance in the mouth. Then, it's time for grilled cutlassfish! If you put it on a spoonful of white rice like 'cutlassfish sushi', the crispy texture greets first, then the moderately salty taste stimulates the salivary glands, followed by the taste of soft flesh! The term 'crispy on the outside and moist on the inside' seems to have been d to describe this grilled cutlassfish taste, as there's no other to describe this taste. 


    Cutlassfish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which play a major role in maintaining vascular health, and contains high-quality protein, which is essential for our body. The protein contained in cutlassfish is said to be easily digestible compared to other nutrients, even though protein usually digests slower.


    From ancient times, there's a saying that 'the soup made with the water used to rinse the hand that touched cutlassfish is delicious'... With such rich nutrients and unique taste, the autumn seasonal cutlassfish of Mokpo! I regret that I have spent the autumn without knowing this taste, and I think that the spicy cutlassfish dish with hot rice in the cool autumn wind is the real health food.


    At first glance, it may seem ordinary and everyone can guess the 'known taste', but because the fundamental ingredient is the fresh cutlassfish of Mokpo, it becomes a 'special taste'! I introduce a few 'top restaurants' and 'model restaurants' in Mokpo where you can enjoy Mokpo cutlassfish dishes, as I feel sorry to enjoy and feel this deep and touching taste alone. 

    [ Restaurants where you can eat Braised Cutlassfish ]


    Top Restaurants [As of 2024]

    - Myeongin House / 14, Hadang-ro 30beon-gil / 061-245-8808

    - Sunmi Restaurant / 35-2, Namhae-ro / 061-242-0254

    - Chowon Restaurant / 42, Yeongsan-ro / 061-243-2234

    - Donghae Fisheries (Headquarters) / 97, Jangmi-ro / 061-243-6163

    - Gatnaeum / 11, Shinheung-ro 59beon-gil / 061-281-3531

    - Matgil / 11, Haean-ro 148beon-gil / 061-242-5161

    - Miss House (Taste's House) / 52, Wonhyeongseo-ro / 061-283-7982


    Model Restaurants [As of 2024]

    - Sunmi Restaurant / 35-2, Namhae-ro / 061-242-0254

    - Namhae Meal Table / 172, Haean-ro / 061-243-8833

    - Myeongin House / 14, Hadang-ro 30beon-gil / 061-245-8808

    - Cheonsa Sushi Bar / 92, Shinheung-ro / 061-283-5995

    - Miss House (Taste's House) / 52, Wonhyeongseo-ro / 061-283-7982

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