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    [Mokpo 9 Flavors ➍] Spicy Marinated Blue Crab(Flower Crab)

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    [Mokpo 9 Flavors ➍] Spicy Marinated Blue Crab(Flower Crab)

    Spicy Marinated Blue Crab(Flower Crab)

    Mokpo was the first city in Korea to declare itself the 'Capital of Taste' in 2019. Located at the crossroads where the South Sea and the Yeongsan River meet, and serving as a gateway where the sea and the mainland intersect, Mokpo is a city of gastronomy. It's known for the 'Mokpo 9 Flavors,' which are dishes made from local specialties such as thin-legged octopus, skate, croaker, blue crabs, hairtail, flounder, gobies, blackmouth angler, and rockfish. Among them, Mokpo's spicy marinated blue crab is said to be so famous that it's well-known nationwide. Let's go meet Mokpo's original rice thief!

    We hurriedly visited 'Myeongin House,' where you can taste two of Mokpo's 9 flavors, including spicy marinated blue crab and braised hairtail. Not only was it selected as Mokpo's top restaurant, but it also received the Korean restaurant management award, and it was certified as a famous southern restaurant. Even before entering the restaurant, we could tell it was a real restaurant from the various plaques decorating the entrance.


    From a sour salad that whets your appetite to the soul food of Koreans and basic banquet food, japchae, various kinds of kimchi, and even raw fish! About 10 side dishes are neatly served. The generosity of Mokpo, which serves grilled mero as a service side dish..!

    And today's main dish~ Spicy Marinated Blue Crab! Mokpo's spicy marinated blue crab, which is famous nationwide, is often eaten by marinating the flesh of the blue crab in a spicy sauce, but it is also often eaten by marinating the flesh of the blue crab, which has been peeled off since ancient times, in a spicy sauce. The taste of putting the chewy blue crab meat on hot rice and eating it is a taste that makes you automatically look for rice.


    Especially in the fall like now, male blue crabs with a lot of meat and sweet taste are in season, so the moderately spicy and sweet taste that keeps pulling the palate kept lingering in my mouth.

    The taste of the unforgettable spicy marinated blue crab was so missed that I decided to eat a proper spicy marinated blue crab again and visited this place! I felt that the place was very proud of its food taste, as it proudly put up a sign saying 'The 22nd House of Mokpo Food Master'. That's why, Mokpo's top restaurant designated by Mokpo City, Mokpo's famous restaurant recognized by Mokpo Food Culture Research Society, Mokpo's famous food master certification, etc... Even before tasting it, the various signboards seemed to be a great restaurant, and despite the early lunchtime, the inside of the hall was crowded with customers.


    The main menu here seemed to be 'Spicy Marinated Blue Crab Bibimbap', which is mixed with rice after peeling off only the flesh of the blue crab. The visual of the bibimbap being eaten at the surrounding table was of course salivating, but I wanted to feel the taste of a proper spicy marinated blue crab, so I ordered a spicy marinated blue crab!

    Finally, the spicy marinated blue crab has appeared! As expected, the food in Mokpo is so appetizing just by looking at the visuals that saliva is already full in the mouth, and the reason for this is probably thanks to the generous use of ingredients and seasoning.

    The freshness of the blue crab is basic! The seasoning with various vegetables is moderately spicy and moderately sweet. And it has all the savoriness of sesame oil and sesame seeds, a perfect taste in three aspects! I wanted to eat the blue crab meat, which was fresh and plump, to my heart's content, so I peeled off only the blue crab meat and scooped it up big and put it on the rice and took a big bite! The feeling when you chew a mouthful of well-peeled crab meat...! At that moment, I felt as happy as if I had the whole world.


    Before coming to Mokpo, the menu 'Spicy Marinated Blue Crab' was strange to me, so I imagined the taste of ordinary seasoned crab, but it was a little different, sour and sweet taste was impressive. If I compare it to kimchi, is it the difference between aged kimchi and fresh kimchi? But if you think there's no deep taste because it's 'fresh kimchi', it's a big mistake! The harmonious taste of fresh blue crab and seasoning, and the deep taste that comes from excellent ingredients was excellent.


    Blue crab, the 'treasure of the sea' that boosts your stamina during the changing seasons, is rich in protein, calcium, iron, taurine, and other nutrients. If you mix it with rice and eat it with the sweet and sour taste of the original blue crab and the sweet and sour seasoning, you can eat a few bowls of rice! If you want to feel the true taste of Spicy Marinated Blue Crab, a food loved by men, women, young and old for its good taste and nutritional value, I recommend you try it in Mokpo! Here are a few of the top restaurants and model restaurants in Mokpo where you can taste Mokpo's specialty, spicy marinated blue crab.

    [ Restaurants where you can eat Spicy Marinated Blue Crab ]


    Top Restaurants [As of 2024]

    - Myeongin House / Hadang-ro 39beon-gil 14 / 061-245-8808

    - Mirak Bibimbap / 12, Baeknyeon-daero 231beon-gil / 061-285-3828

    - Haebim Mokpo Bibimbap / 83, Mihang-ro / 061-282-2770

    - Haechon / 133, Mihang-ro / 061-283-7011



    Model Restaurants [As of 2024]

    - Myeongin House / Hadang-ro 30beon-gil 14 / 061-245-8808

    - Jangmonim Bapsang / 11, Pyeonghwa-ro 95beon-gil / 061-282-3447

    - Mokpo Myeongga Hojeongsik / 136-1, Samhak-ro / 061-243-1800

    - Haebim Mokpo Bibimbap / 83, Mihang-ro / 061-282-2770

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